August 1, 2015
Lin Pan

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Piano Keyboard Enrollment

Piano Keyboard Group Lessons     (4-6 years old)

Highlights: (what you may not get in other places)

Professional Conservatory Educators

Low Student and Teacher Ratio  

Fastest and Effective Progress 

End of Semester Recital

Get the MOST while paying LESS

Bilingual Lessons (English “main”; Chinese for special need)



Balance, Coordination, Intelligence

Development of both sides of brains

Sharp, Quick, Organized train of thoughts

Comprehensive Learning (Eyes; Ears; Mouth; Hands)

Help concentrate and behave while learning with peers



Alfred’s Basic Piano Library, Prep Course Level A

Alfred’s Basic Piano Library, Prep Course Level B

Alfred’s Basic Piano Library, Prep Course Level C



Sunday    10:30-11:30 am       (one hour lesson per week)


What After the program

1. Ready for one -on-one Private Piano lessons with all basic knowledge.

2. Public Formal Recital performance Opportunity is offered when completing the 3-level group keyboard lessons.

3.  Two FREE Private lessons (Piano or Singing) are provided after completing the 3-level group keyboard lessons.




Space is limited.   First come, First Served.



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